"Let's think about making our product which has 'zero defect'….. and 'zero effect' so that the manufacturing does not have an adverse effect on our environment" - Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi


The ZED Maturity Assessment Model has been conceived and structured to offer graded benchmark levels of an organisation's performance through a set of standard enabler and outcome parameters focusing on quality and environmental performances. It aims to rate and handhold all...

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• ZED Rating will be a credible recognition of the industry for International Customers and Foreign Direct Investors seeking investments in India
• ZED is likely to be made as a benchmark for suppliers to PSUs and Defence Offsets
• Rating can be shown on e-commerce...

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There are 50 parameters on which the MSMEs will be assessed and rated.
The MSME applicant is required to comply with identified 20 essential parameters & at least 10 other parameters (as per the MSMEs domain competency, i.e. sector of operation and type of industry). Hence, the...

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The MSMEs will be assessed & rated on defined enabler & outcome parameters on operational level indicators. The organisational level indicators are useful pointers towards implementing a ZED Maturity Assessment Model at the operational level. These indicators may include...

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An organization applying to be evaluated on the ZED Maturity Assessment Model shall demonstrate and will be assessed on the following parameters at the operational level:
Enablers for Product Quality, Enablers for Emission, Effluent & Waste Disposal Activities, Enablers for Resource Management, Outcomes

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  • ZED Process flow
  • Awareness & Training
  • Self-assessment
  • Desktop assessment
  • Site assessment
  • ZED rating and certification
  • Gap analysis and handholding & Surveillance
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