The MSMEs will be assessed & rated on defined enabler & outcome parameters on operational level indicators. The organisational level indicators are useful pointers towards implementing a ZED Maturity Assessment Model at the operational level. These indicators may include:

  • Manufacturing capabilities
  • Design capabilities
  • Quality/Environment/Safety assurance systems
  • People development and engagement systems
  • Standardization and measurement systems for quality and environment
  • Learning and improvement systems
  • Legal compliances (hygiene factor)

An organization applying to be evaluated on the ZED Maturity Assessment Model shall demonstrate and will be assessed on the following parameters at the operational level:

Enablers For Product Quality Total
Process design for quality 5
Pre-production (start-up activities) 2
Production and maintenance activities 4
Product design for quality 2
Post-production activities 4
Enablers For Emission, Effluent and Waste Disposal Activities Total
Process design for environmental management 4
Pre-production (start-up activities) for environmental management 1
Production and maintenance activities 2
Product design for environment 1
Post-production activities 1
Enablers For Resource Management Total
Facility 3
Human resource 2
Outsourced activities 1
Innovation and creativity – safeguarding 4
Outcomes Total
Outcomes for quality performance 3
Outcomes for process performance 4
Outcomes for environmental performance 3
Outcomes for overall company performance 4
Total Parameters
Enablers 36
Outcomes 14
Total 50