Benefits Of ZED

ZED offers a wide variety of benefits to an organization. The quality standards are applicable to companies which come under the section of MSME's or Sector who are seeking to improve their internal management and operational system. The government of India recommended that companies who are seeking to increase their profits in accordance to the environmental consciousness should seek for this certification. 

Benefit to MSMEs

  • Easy access to Loans: For business expansion, MSME do require financials, and to support the cause RBI has issued an advisory to Indian Banking Association(IBA) to incorporate information on ZED in the MSME loan application form which has been followed.
  • Credible & reliable vendor database: ZED will ensure that the companies investing in India have a ready-made & reliable vendor base to support their activities the MSMEs rated under ZED Certification Scheme
  • Reducing negative effect on our environment: Enhanced environment consciousness making them “Responsible Manufacturers”
  • Awards & Rewards: High performing ZED units will be recognized nationally by the Ministry of MSME and QCI through an award & reward system which will help them to showcase themselves globally
  • Aligning with best practices: MSMEs will get an opportunity to do benchmark study and learn the best practices across the globe under the ambit of ZED Certification Scheme
  •       Global Competitiveness: Enhanced competitiveness of the vendors in the global marketplace so that goods manufactured have no defects and thus leveraging the benefits of quality & cost optimization.
  •        Visibility & brand recognition: A “ZED Mark” to enable an MSME to be seen as a company with a leverage over non-rated MSME units.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Other benefits expected to be announced by the Government in the near future