Desktop Assessment

The Desktop Assessment process will evaluate the online self-assessment exercise undertaken by the applicant MSME. This process is in 3 stages: First, payment of relevant fee (Rs. 10,000/-) by the applicant MSME. Second, submission of relevant evidences as advised in the self-assessment stage. Third, evaluation (by the desktop assessor) of the self-assessment vis-à-vis evidences submitted. 

The outcome of this process will decide the onward movement of the applicant in the ZED Certification scheme. The applicant MSME will be advised to proceed to the site-assessment stage if cleared after the desktop assessment and a brief report will be forwarded. If the applicant MSME is not advised to proceed further, a detailed report with a roadmap for improvement will be provided to the applicant MSME. 

QCI will monitor & assess the documents submitted by MSMEs in the online self-assessment exercise and provide detailed report and guidance wherever necessary to the MSME before the MSME goes for the ZED site-assessment and rating process.