Online Self Assessment

The Online self-assessment process is a precursor to the desktop assessment and onsite assessment of the systems and processes of the applicant MSME’s manufacturing unit. The major benefit of undertaking this process is a comprehensive understanding of the ZED Maturity Assessment Model, its intent and the process flow. It is also expected to enhance involvement of the applicant MSME in the process of assessing its strengths and identifying areas that need improvement. A maximum of three attempts will be permissible per applicant.

This process has three key outcomes: First, it will make the applicant aware of the parameters and simultaneously assist the applicant in selection of the optional parameters that apply to its manufacturing unit. The desktop and site assessments will be based on these selected optional parameters, along with the 20 mandatory parameters. Second, the applicant will be made aware of the requirement of relevant evidences for desktop and site assessments stages. Third, it will broadly indicate the existing state of systems & processes of the applicant’s manufacturing unit on the ZED scale.